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How your HR can get lucky in 2019

date: 13 / 12 / 2018 | written by Evelyn Stremersch | comments: 0 Longread As the end of the year is approaching all HR Trendwatchers and influencers are giving away their predictions for the next year, HR Technology in all kind of forms comes out as an absolute winner. On the other hand research tells us there are still various doubts about the capabilities of current HR Tech. Time to clear up some buzzwords and give HR seven Trends for 2019 (a lucky number 7) in this longread - based on investments made in several HR Tech categories, the sense of urgency on the side of Business and the trust/belief of HR in HR Tech.
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HR is Rocket Science

date: 16 / 11 / 2018 | written by Evelyn Stremersch | comments: 0 This article is provided by guest writer Evelyn Stremersch of ESTE LLC who went to the HR Summit & Expo in Dubai and is happy to enlight us with her insights. Be carefull, this is not for sensitive readers ;-)
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Digital Transformation: Mindset. Technology. People. Process. Where is HR?

date: 16 / 01 / 2018 | written by Evelyn Stremersch | comments: 0 This guest blog by Hans Mangelschots gives insights in how to accelerate the process of the digital transformation towards a better Employee experience on a strategic and operational level. It neatly fits in with what we call HR.4.0.
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Stay away from Hipster HR

date: 24 / 11 / 2017 | written by Evelyn Stremersch | comments: 0 Stay away from Hipster HR. Don’t become one of them. Don’t use HR Tech because you think it proves you’re a ‘modern’ HR person or an attractive organization that’s up to speed with the latest fad.
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Speed dating my way through HR Tech World Amsterdam

date: 04 / 11 / 2017 | written by Evelyn Stremersch | comments: 0 Our Community Manager went to HR Tech World in Amsterdam on October 24, 2017. He shares the insights he got, not from attending the many keynotes, but by talking to people at the event.
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The day a humanoid replaced HR professionals

date: 16 / 06 / 2017 | written by Evelyn Stremersch | comments: 0 Will the robots replace HR people? It all depends on whether or not HR professionals will become captians of an HR speedboat or remain sailboats floating around in a perfect storm.
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Where are the people at HR events?

date: 05 / 06 / 2017 | written by Evelyn Stremersch | comments: 0 Travelling to HR related events on two continents, co-founder Ben Greeven came to realize one important thing is missing: the people. When the fastest changing resource is the human resource, this is no longer acceptable.
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Stop wasting your time, dear HR friends!

date: 30 / 05 / 2017 | written by Evelyn Stremersch | comments: 0 Co-founder Ben Greeven and Community Manager Jochen Bessemans just came back from a roadtrip to the Czech Republic and Slovakia. They met over 300 HR people discussing the impact of HR Tech on HR and the rise of the Career Owner. In this blog post they talk about their findings and have a clear message to HR people: rise to the occasion and start leading.
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HR-Platform Taleevo moves to HR Tech Valley

date: 15 / 03 / 2017 | written by Evelyn Stremersch | comments: 0 ATS-company Stearn decides to move from Belgian's capital Brussels to the Corda Tech Campus near the Belgian town of Hasselt. At the Corda Campus they move into the headquarters of HR Tech Valley in order to push their company and Applicant Tracking System to a higher level, an occasion marked by changing the company name to Taleevo.
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Belgian Entrepreneurs Launch HR Tech Valley and Investment Fund

date: 03 / 03 / 2017 | written by Evelyn Stremersch | comments: 0 'Imagine HR Tech companies would really work together to co-create the future of HR? Imagine they would strive for synergy which would lead to tech that really puts people back in HR...' A couple of months after these thoughts planted the seeds for HR Tech Valley in the minds of Ben Greeven, Joris Peumans and Jochen Bessemans, the intention to found HR Tech Valley was announced via the following press release.
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