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#roadtripZP2018: A Sanity Check for HR Tech.

date: 04 / 10 / 2018 | written by Hans Mangelschots | comments: 0
In the morning of September 12, HR Tech Valley gathered a group of 25 people for a bus trip to one of the biggest HR fairs in Europe: Zukunft Personal. Our objective: combine networking and the exploration of the best Belgian and German HR Tech has to offer. Or as one of our participants put it afterwards ‘a sanity check for HR of the possible solutions HR Tech has to offer’. Let’s take you back to the main insights of this #roadtripZP18.

Zukunft Personal Europe (formerly Zukunft Personal) in Cologne describes itself as the flagship Expo Event for all matters concerning the World of Work.  By connecting people with markets when it comes to HR management, digital transformation, and leadership, Zukunft Personal Europe functions as a catalyst. With nearly 18,000 visitors ( a record for the fair!), over 700 exhibitors and some 1,000 solutions on display, you can say it is one of Europe’s biggest HR & HR Tech fairs.

HR Tech Valley also contributed to these statistics by going to this event for the third time in its existence and this time we decided to take along a delegation of Belgian HR and HR Tech professionals, an initiative we will likely repeat in the future. We provided this delegation with a program aimed at sharing knowledge and creating awareness, one of the core elements of HR Tech Valley’s purpose. It consisted of 9 Belgian HR Tech companies pitching during the bus ride, a guided tour with 8 stops at innovative solutions present at the fair and 4 exclusive 10-minute pitches in for our delegation.

The HR Tech Valley #roadtripZP2018 pitchers

  1. AE - Architects for business & ICT, helping organizations with digital transformation (of HR), information management and business analysis.
  2. Beeple - An online staff management tool to schedule flexible staff quickly and easely. 
  3. MeetRoger.io - A smart solution that combines revamping your internal communications with boosting your employee engagement.
  4. Mobietrain - A mobile platform that boost sales & empowers engagement by making learning fun.
  5. Popay.be - A dedicated Human Resources professional services company that helps organizations improve people management through efficient IT solutions.
  6. Spencer.co - Spencer is a cloud layer that communicates with all your solutions. A digital solution to improve the digital Employee Experience.
  7. Talmundo - A software that makes employee onboarding a fun, digital, engaging experience for all – whatever your new hires' career adventure might be. 
  8. UQ Talents - A personal development- & career coach for every employee, online & blended coaching and real-time workforce analytics with augmented insights for HR and management.
  9. Kazi - A jobplatform that helps organisations to attract and retain the right talent by measuring mutual expectations

Zukunft Personal Europe 2018

Before going on a tour, the group received their headphones and was also offered a free lunch by HR Tech Valley’s co-founder and exhibitor at Zukunft Personal Europe; Thalento.

During the tour we got several pitches and talks about new HR Technologies. Mainly in recruiting and the new ways to improve that proces (or even turn it upside down), but also in other categories as Talent management, Learning Solutions and Analytics.

After being led to eight disruptive HR Tech solutions and hearing their stories, there was some spare time for the group to wonder of in to the several halls of Zukunft Personal The perfect opportunity to spot other HR Tech Valley Members who were active on the fair, such as Actonomy, Lumesse and Textkernel.

There is a lot to offer and for HR Tech savvy people Zukunft Personal in Cologne was like Disneyland; always wandering where to go next.

Just before closure, we gathered up again for a seperate pitch-session with four Germans startups who  got the chance to pitch their solution to the group. When the clock ticked six p.m., stumaches began to rumble and some eyes were looking thirsty.

So, all fuelled up after an insightful and inspirational day, the group joined dinner at a local restaurant to taste the German food and exchange thoughts on their one-day visit to Cologne.

This resulted in some very nice quotes:

  • “Technology will never replace human interaction but can facilitate in many ways.” (about technology and jobs)
  • “No nice to have but a must have for every HR professional.” (about knowledge on technology)
  • “A good sanity check. A view on all posible solutions for HR.” (about the road trip)


Closing time

During the ride home, lights were tempered, necessary battery packs were thoughtfully handed out by one of the pitchers and a cosy networking atmosphere had found its way. 

Tired and inspired, the journey ended back in Hasselt, at HR Tech Valley’s home base where everybody headed home to bring new insights to work in the morning and contribute to the future of work.

Would you like to come along for the next episode of Zukunft Personal with HR Tech Valley and get a Sanity Check for HR Tech? Subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned! 

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