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Recap: Federgon and HR Tech Valley Try Out - The RecTech Pitch Night

date: 21 / 12 / 2018 | written by Hans Mangelschots | comments: 0
HR Tech Valley and Federgon organised a Trial Event for their members concerning Recruitment Technology past november. Even though it was a Trial Event, the attention it got from the members on both sides made it a succes before it even started. Federgon and HR Techvalley therefore decided to consolidate their partnership with a structural coöperation in 2019. Bridging the gap between both our members. In this post you will find a short recap of the evening which took place in an inspiring futuristic environment: Technopolis in Mechelen.


To create value for both members Federgon and HR Techvalley organised a RecTech Pitch Night. The formula was quite simple: 10 HR Tech Providers got their 5 minutes of fame to shine before a group of 45 Recruiters.

The reason? Since Federgon and HR Tech Valley are conceiling a partnership, it has become clear that there is a gap between our members - despite the growing interest in HR Technology. 


The formula was a challenge for our members, some of them did nog finish their talk - while others made a powerfull statement. When they could not explane the value of their tool for the recruiters within those 5 minutes, a buzzer went off and referred further talks to the networking moment after the Pitching hour. 

The HR Tech Valley members who enhance your recruiting and took the stage that evening were:

  1. Actonomy
  2. Beeple
  3. Thalento Match&Hire
  4. Kazi
  5. Rada-HR
  6. Skeeled
  7. Nakamahr
  8. Textkernel
  9. UQ Talents
  10. VisioTalent.

That's right. After one hour of powerfull pitches - not salestalks, but actual valuepropositions for the audience - Federgon provided food and beverage to stimulate "member intimacy".

Afterwards, the evaluation afterwards was extremely positive, which lifted up the partnership between Federgon and HR Tech Valley to a structural level. There will be one event every three months - following the same formula, but with other members. 

Now that is the succes and structural value we at HR Tech Value are aiming at in 2019. By starting talks with other potential partners, we are preparing for an awesome year that will underline our statement: HR Tech Valley is here to stay. 

Are you an organisation that has HR-activists, -managers, CHRO's, CEO's or Buisiness-owners as members? -> We definately should talk win-win situations. Do not hesitate to contact us! 



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