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HR Tech Valley enters a new phase with Hans Mangelschots

date: 31 / 08 / 2018 | written by Ben Greeven - Joris Peumans - Jochen Bessemans - Hans Mangelschots. | comments: 0
Jochen Bessemans leaves HR Tech Valley on September 30, 2018. His role is taken over by Hans Mangelschots. With him HR Tech Valley starts a new phase.

‘When Joris Peumans and I asked Jochen in October 2016 to start HR Tech Valley, it was just the idea of bringing together Belgian HR Tech companies.’, explains Ben Greeven, co-founder HR Tech Valley.

‘Not even two years later this idea has grown into a non-profit bringing together over 50 members, which is recognized as a true ambassador of and knowledge centre on HR Tech and is invited as a speaker across Europe. A real ecosystem consisting of HR Tech companies, HR professionals and HR service providers. Currently there are also a number of partnerships being in the pipeline with for example Federgon, the Belgian federation of Recruitment and Selection players, and the Fintech ecosystem B-Hive. Quite a result in such a short period of time,’ says Ben Greeven.

Jochen Bessemans: ‘I’m a strong believer in the ecosystem thinking on which HR Tech Valley is build and I’m proud of what we have achieved since the official foundation of the non-profit on March 1, 2017. I recently was asked to co-found a consultancy, a proposal which extremely closely tied into a number of ideas which I was working on before HR Tech Valley and which are very close to my heart. That’s why I decided to pick up on these ideas and leave HR Tech Valley on September 30, 2018.’

Joris Peumans: ‘Jochen’s decision came as a surprise to Ben and me and we feel sorry that the time has come to say goodbye. At the same time we realize that with the current number of members HR Tech Valley has reached a point where we need to take more initiatives and more business development.’

Ben Greeven: ‘Jochen helped us turn the rough idea of about 2 years ago into a nicely positioned and up-and-running community. With Hans Mangelschots we are going to take HR Tech Valley to the next level in which our focus will be on providing even more added value, firstly to our members, secondly to other stakeholders in the HR ecosystem. Currently Jochen is showing Hans the ins-and-outs and on September 24 Hans will take the lead fulltime. This way we make sure that there is continuity.’

Hans MangelschotsHans Mangelschots: ‘HR and HR Tech have been an important part of my life the last five years. I co-founded an HR Tech startup and since 2017 I have been working on speeding up the digitization of HR via HRToolz.online. Doing this I got to know HR Tech Valley and discovered our vision is quite similar. So it should come as no surprise that I am really looking forward to help grow this fabulous initiative.’


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