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Belgian Startup MobieTrain wins prestigious Startup Battles at HR Tech Conference - Unleash Amsterdam.

date: 02 / 11 / 2018 | written by Hans Mangelschots | comments: 0
UNLEASH World Conference & Expo landed in Amsterdam last week. With hundreds of international speakers, thought leaders and HR Tech providers, this conference is one of the largest in the world. This year’s edition, however, had a Belgian touch.

MobieTrain, a Belgian Startup that offers a Mobile Learning solution to boost workplace sales and productivity, has won the prestigious Startup Battles against hundreds of leading startups.

For the semi-finals on the opening day, 5 HR Tech startups were nominated for each 4 categories. HR Tech Valley Member and Belgian Startup Spencer.co was also on the stage in the semi-finals of the Innovation section and scored a decent 4-4-3 from the judges.

MobieTrain was victorious in the semi-finals (4-4-4) and proceeded to the grand final on the 2nd day. This gave founder Guy Van Neck the chance to pitch his startup to the general public, together with the other finalists from the other three areas.

Both the platform and the presentation itself received such high scores that MobieTrain won over the jury and was rightly crowned winner of the Startup competition- the biggest competition that Unleash has ever hosted.


MobieTrain is a mobile learning platform that combines micro-learning and gamification to empower employees with knowledge.

“From my years of experience in Retail, I noticed that retailers had a real challenge in training their diverse and mobile workforce,” comments founder Guy. “Traditional learning methods and LMS’ didn’t fully engage the millennial generation, in any industry, so I set out to fix this. We developed a first mobile version in 2016 that has since evolved into a complete mobile-learning solution that focuses on personalisation and micro-learning to fix this knowledge gap.”

MobieTrain was founded in 2014 after recognition for innovation by Chicago Booth Business School. Since then, they have transformed their customer experience insights and L & D expertise into a mobile-first solution that has already boosted sales and engagement with several global brands.

As a response to his Startup winning the Startup Battles at a global event like Unleash, Guy said: "Winning Unleash’s competition reinforces how important learning is to the future of work. “This exposure not only reaches potential buyers of our solution, it puts us on the map with other HR Tech providers who can see opportunities to work together or even integrate."

For those who are curious about their grand prize, he adds: “The prize package (worth 25,000 euros) goes towards further international profiling next year, but now it is important to focus on delighting and supporting our current customers. The most important takeaway from winning is that HR also recognises the importance of micro-learning as the future of work. "

"Winning Unleash’s competition reinforces how important learning is to the future of work. “This exposure not only reaches potential buyers of our solution, it puts us on the map with other HR Tech providers who can see opportunities to work together or even integrate.”

Brilliant performance

Being on the main stage of Unleash just 2 years after launching is a brilliant feat. Yet it is not surprising that a mobile solution such as MobieTrain, which places gamification and knowledge retention at the heart , wins this award. It shows that HR looks further than recruiting and rightfully has an interest in Learning & Development.

This success also confirms that an Ecosystem as HR Tech Valley vzw provides value for its members: by helping HR Tech to bring their story and prove their concept, they can grow in a market where predominantly large players have the upper hand.

Fortunately, these market leaders also sponsor Unleash, so 'cross-fertilization' is always possible and providers can learn from each other.

HR Tech in Belgium

Not only Belgian HR Tech Valley members MobieTrain and Spencer.co were present at the Startup Village of Unleash in Amsterdam, but also UQ (UQ7) and other Belgian Startups like Intuo and Twegos were there.

With over 150 start-up and scale-ups in HR Tech, Belgium has one of the most concentrated but also innovative markets in Europe. However, no one knows exactly how many HR Tech providers there are out there, as there are thousands of providers from small to large all over the world.

It is the first time that a Belgian Startup has won this international award and possibly not the last. Times look promising for HR Technology and for MobieTrain, not only in Belgium.  

Special thanks to HR Tech Valley Member TextKernel for the invite to Unleash Amsterdam 2018!

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