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101 in one graph: HR Tech is booming in Belgium

date: 25 / 04 / 2017 | written by Jochen Bessemans | comments: 3
For the first time ever HR Tech companies with Belgian roots were brought together in one overview. Check out the full list in this article.

The overview of companies in the Belgian HR Tech community has been moved to a seperate page where you will find the most up-to-date list.

Ever since cloud entered HR Tech around 2011, it has become a globalised market in which investments have quadrupled over the last 4 years. All over the world HR Tech companies are surfacing at an incredible speed so typical of an industry on the rise.

So what about Belgium?

Being our home ground and with the 40 something years of combined HR Tech experience in our team, we thought we had a pretty good idea of the Belgian HR Tech landscape. Since we launched the idea of HR Tech Valley, we met around 40 Belgian HR Tech companies. Combined with our industry knowledge, we estimated the total number of Belgian HR Tech at around 50.

Until we started the research for our ‘Belgian HR Tech Map’…. We soon came across 63 companies in Belgium developing their own HR tech solutions. Wow! This was more than anticipated so we decided to reveal it to the world via our LinkedIn company page. What happened then has blown us away…

Crowdsourced additions

Join the Valley

After barely two weeks our Belgian HR Tech Map reached over 100.000 views (that we know of – we haven’t got a clue how often the numerous shares are viewed). We got a lot of people suggesting companies that according to them also comprise the Belgian HR Tech scene. After eliminating those active in Belgium but with headquarters in other countries, we were left with 38 additions to the Belgian HR Tech Map.

As a result we are proud to present you with a new version of our Belgian HR Tech Map consisting of 101 Belgian HR Tech companies. Below the Map you find the full list in alphabetical order. In case there are still companies missing, do suggest them via info@hrtechvalley.org.

Scroll down or click here for the updated version!

Map of Belgian HR Tech - from 63 to 101

The list of Belgian HR Tech companies (April 2017)

  1. A&S Solutions (HR Automation)
  2. Actonomy (HR Automation)
  3. Alma.care (Wellness/Workplace Culture)
  4. Anton (HR Automation)
  5. B-Bright (Staffing/Scheduling)
  6. Beebole (Staffing/Scheduling)
  7. Beeple (Staffing/Scheduling)
  8. BeWorkHappy (HR Automation)
  9. BookU (Staffing/Scheduling)
  10. Cebir (Talent Solutions)
  11. Centhro (HR Automation)
  12. Checkhub.io (HR Automation)            
  13. ContactSkills (Talent Solutions)
  14. Crewrocket (Staffing/Scheduling)
  15. CV on Top (Resources/Hiring)
  16. CVWarehouse (Candidate Tracking)
  17. Deltaworx (Staffing/Scheduling)
  18. Djobby by Branded.Careers (Resources/Hiring)
  19. D-Plan by Advani (HR Automation)
  20. DUI Global (HR Automation)
  21. epowerhr (HR Automation)
  22. Exact (HR Automation)
  23. Forganiser (Staffing/Scheduling)
  24. Formatech (HR Automation)
  25. Fortigro by Smart Sunday (Talent Solutions)
  26. FunkyTime (Wellness/Workplace Culture)
  27. Get (HR Automation)
  28. GPS (Staffing/Scheduling)
  29. Graduaid (Staffing/Scheduling)
  30. Helpigo (Resources/Hiring)
  31. HighPo (Resources/Hiring)
  32. Hipo (Analytics)
  33. HR Web (HR Automation)
  34. HR-Technologies (Candidate Tracking)
  35. Hunterz (Resources/Hiring)
  36. Infoland (Learning & Development)
  37. Innduce.me (Talent Solutions)
  38. iNostix by Deloitte (Analytics)
  39. Intuo (Wellness/Workplace Culture)
  40. JobEQ (Talent Solutions)
  41. Joboxx (Resources/Hiring)
  42. Jobtoolz (Candidate Tracking)
  43. Jobwalkr (Resources/Hiring)
  44. Kazi (Resources/Hiring)
  45. Knowledgeflow (Learning & Development)
  46. Lift (Learning & Development)
  47. Logical Concept (HR Automation)
  48. Manual.to (Learning & Development)
  49. meet Roger (Wellness/Workplace Culture)
  50. Metrilio (HR Automation)
  51. Mobietrain (Learning & Development)
  52. Moov-IT (Wellness/Workplace Culture)
  53. Netmino (Wellness/Workplace Culture)
  54. Okademia (HR Automation)
  55. OKC (HR Automation)
  56. Online Werkrooster (Staffing/Scheduling)
  57. Onsophic (Learning & Development)
  58. oTHor (Learning & Development)
  59. Plan Saga by Tobania (Staffing/Scheduling)
  60. Ploy by Randstad Belgium (Staffing/Scheduling)
  61. Popay.net (HR Automation)
  62. Prato (HR Automation)
  63. Progreso (HR Automation)
  64. Protime (Staffing/Scheduling)
  65. Psy@Work (Wellness/Workplace Culture)
  66. Psychometra (Talent Solutions)
  67. Q16 (Wellness/Workplace Culture)
  68. QuidProJobs (Resources/Hiring)
  69. Quink (Learning & Development)
  70. SD Worx (HR Automation)
  71. Seal Jobs (Resources/Hiring)
  72. Sharebox (Wellness/Workplace Culture)
  73. Skeeled (Candidate Tracking)
  74. Skilldeal (Learning & Development)
  75. Solvice (Staffing/Scheduling)
  76. Sparble (Wellness/Workplace Culture)
  77. Sparker (Wellness/Workplace Culture)
  78. Spencer (Wellness/Workplace Culture)
  79. SP-Expert (Staffing/Scheduling)   
  80. SpringSyple (Resources/Hiring)
  81. Sympl (Resources/Hiring)
  82. Syntegro (HR Automation)
  83. Taleevo (Candidate Tracking)
  84. Talentdepo (Staffing/Scheduling)
  85. Talentfinder (Candidate Tracking)
  86. TalentScored (Talent Solutions)
  87. Talentsquare (Candidate Tracking)
  88. Tamo (Analytics)
  89. TaPas for Organisations by Token (Talent Solutions)
  90. Teamplan (Staffing/Scheduling)
  91. Temponia (Staffing/Scheduling)
  92. Thalento (Talent Solutions)
  93. theMatchBox (HR Automation)
  94. Tribeforce (Talent Solutions)
  95. TrueJobs (Resources/Hiring)
  96. Twegos (Resources/Hiring)
  97. UQ Talents (Talent Solutions)
  98. Valpeo (Talent Solutions)
  99. Venture Spirit (Wellness/Workplace Culture)
  100. Wellevue (Wellness/Workplace Culture)
  101. Woobe (Wellness/Workplace Culture)

UPDATE June 1, 2017

The following companies are added:

102. CareerCoach (Talent Solutions)

103. Simple Complexity (Analytics)

104. Skilliz (Resources/Hiring)

105. Xaurum (Learning & Development)

106. MySkillCamp (Wellness/Workplace Culture)

107. Tasks in a Box (Wellness/Workplace Culture)

The Belgium HR Tech Community - updat June 1, 2017


Xavier Parduyns
09/05/2017 09:52

Did you try MySkillcamp, I'm sure it will be a good tool for learning and development. Do not hesitate to contact me to talk about this Belgian LCMS.

Have a nice day

Gregory Culpin
11/05/2017 17:24

Great list and love the initiative!
A lot of HR teams are jumping into and supporting collective intelligence and learning projects, so definitely feel free to check out elium where I work.
We are a Belgian knowledge sharing software vendor based in Louvain-la-Neuve with very loving and inspiring customers all around Europe. :-)



May Ann May Ann Doña Francisco
17/05/2017 12:09

A good lists of Belgian HR tech companies...Tech world of belgian companies continually grow...

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